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ROMET Rotary Gas Meters

GAMECO is the Australasian distributor of ROMET Rotary Gas Meters

Precision built in Canada to suit all working conditions, the Romet rotary gas meters are robust, proven and popular worldwide with major gas utility organisations and facility owners alike. Suitable for natural gas and LPG, GAMECO holds significant stocks of rotary meters and also provides Australian testing and certification where required by state legislation. We can ship meters to any location in Australia, PNG, New Zealand and the Pacific Island Nations.

As well as the ROMET standard mechanical models with twin pulse output, there are a range of electronic pressure and temperature compensated models also available.

If you require a rotary gas meter, please call us to assist with the correct capacity sizing of the meter and to offer you a quotation.

To get more information about the ROMET rotary meter, contact Bill at GAMECO Brisbane (07) 3377 7999 or any other sales person in your area.