The following catalogues and brochures provide specific detail and technical information on the main products we keep in stock and sell. If you have difficulties accessing the information you require please contact your nearest Gameco office as detailed under contact us.

Important Notice

The catalogues and product pages are provided for technical information and reference purposes only. Any warranties against defects contained in these publications do not apply in Australia or New Zealand and are expressly excluded. Customers are asked to refer to Gameco™s General Terms and Conditions of Sale which govern the supply of our products.

Filename / LinkSize
Gameco Gas Equipment Catalogue6.67 Mb
Product Warning60.0 Kb
Warranty in Australia26.57 Kb
Australian Standard569.05 Kb
8530/AA8530 Series Delta Port261.59 Kb
A3213D and A3213DT 3 inch Internal Valve114.1 Kb
A7575L Series Inspection162.04 Kb
A8012D Angle Valve w Excess Flow360.61 Kb
Gameco Australia General Terms and Conditions of Sale 143.44 Kb
Gameco New Zealand Terms and Conditions of Sale122.34 Kb
Hand Held Burner Brochure403.77 Kb
Important Update A7575L4 872013325.85 Kb
LNG 500 RegO LNG Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue2.15 Mb
New Protective Coating for Internal Valves285.87 Kb
PU 225 AA3130UA250S87.71 Kb
PU 227 3195S A3195S ACME Couplings75.41 Kb
PU 228 5769KVB ACME Adapter96.87 Kb
PU 233 A7624 Swing Check194.62 Kb
Rego 7525 Series Auto Changeover206.64 Kb
PU 235 7142LF and 7142LM Left Hand Thread ACME-Connectors202.62 Kb
PU 239 A7914882.7 Kb
PU 241 A6010 A6016 A6024 Series ESV260.81 Kb
Product Information Bulletin A3213D DT Series Internal Valve418.34 Kb
RegO Field Advisory A3217FPA Actuator152.33 Kb
RegO Product Catalogue3.1 Kb
RegO Serviceman Manual3.1 Kb
A) Rego Regulators and Accessories60.65 Kb
B) Rego Cylinder and Service Valves13.44 Kb
C) Rego Multivalve® Assemblies23.32 Kb
D) Rego Pressure Relief Valves and Relief Valve Manifolds15.69 Kb
E) Rego Globe and Angle Valves12.55 Kb
F) Rego Excess Flow, Check, Filler and Vapor Equalizing Valves17.45 Kb
G) Rego Internal Valves and Accessories14.89 Kb
H) Rego Adapters, Connectors and Fittings11.23 Kb
J) Rego Miscellaneous Equipment (Including Rotogages and ESVs)12.40 Kb