Excess Flow Valve 6m³/hr – 25mm

Excess Flow Valves with a nominal gas flow rate of 6m³/hr in 25mm. Available in two Directions: Vertical Up and Horizontal, and Vertical Down.



Excess Flow Valves with a nominal gas flow rate of 6m³/hr in 25mm.
Excess Flow Valves are installed into systems that use non-metal pipes, in order to make them safe against the risk of explosion due to fire. They protect the system and guarantee safety against:
– tampering by unauthorised personnel
– breakage/disconnection of hoses for gas appliances
– breakage of pipes due to natural disasters

Excess Flow Valves are maintenance free and cannot be disabled by an external action. They can handle inlet pressures from 1.5kpa to 10kpa and are designed to shut of at 1.3 to 1.45 times the total flow rate of the pipeline they are installed into.
Please note that Excess Flow Valves are Directional, and must be mounted as per their specification.
The two options include:
– Vertical Up and Horizontal
– Vertical Down

Excess Flow Valves can only be installed outside.
Use this table below to choose the best Excess Flow Valve for your requirements.

DN Size
Valve Nominal Flow Rate (m3/hr)
(label colour)
Natural GasLPG
Main pipeline (MJ/hr)Branch pipeline (MJ/hr)Main pipeline (MJ/hr)Branch pipeline (MJ/hr)
15, 20 & 252.5 (yellow)65 to 98.150.9 to 77.997.2 to 156.872.4 to 110.9
20 & 254 (brown)98.2 to 15778 to 124.6156.9 to 250.8111 to 177.4
256 (green)158 to 235.5124.7 to 186.9250.9 to 376.2177.5 to 266
3210 (red)235.6 to 392.5187 to 311.5376.3 to 627.1267 to 443.4
40 & 5016 (orange)392.6 to 627.9311.6 to 498.4627.2 to 1003.3443.5 to 709.4
Installation Direction

Vertical Down, Vertical Up & Horizontal

Thread Size

25mm / 1" BSP

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