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A flashback arrestor is a safety device designed to stop a flashback and is specially designed for gas equipment where fuel and oxygen or compressed air are being used in combination. This particular flashback arrestor is for use with Fuel gas up to 400 kPa (Acetylene 150 kPa)

Safety device with multiple function: GG

Type GG flashback arrestor is for torch side protection
This safety device according to DIN EN ISO 5175-1:

  • Avoids dangerous gas mixtures by a gas non-return valve.
  • Stops flashback through flame arrestor.
  • A dust filter protects the gas non-return valve against contamination.
  • Every safety device is 100% tested.
  • All metal components in brass 2.0401 / spring 1.4310.

Safety elements of the IBEDA safety device GG:

  • Gas non-return valve
  • Flame arrestor

Additional features:

  • Dust filter
  • UNF 5/8″ Male by 5/8″ Female thread configuration.
  • Rated to 400 kPa (Propane, Methane, Hydrogen, LPG)
  • Rated to 150 kPa (Acetylene)
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