RegO Products

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Gameco stocks a complete range of RegO LP Gas and Anhydrous Ammonia Equipment. Our four fully stocked warehouses enable quick supply to all areas of Australia and New Zealand, and with direct factory support, there is nobody better placed to assist with you with all your RegO needs.

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Find here the following RegO product information:

A) Rego Regulators and Accessories

B) Rego Cylinder and Service Valves

C) Rego Multivalve® Assemblies

D) Rego Pressure Relief Valves and Relief Valve Manifolds

E) Rego Globe and Angle Valves

F) Rego Excess Flow, Check, Filler and Vapor Equalizing Valves

G) Rego Internal Valves and Accessories

H) Rego Adapters, Connectors and Fittings

J) Rego Miscellaneous Equipment (Including Rotogages and ESVs)

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.