REGO 1st Stage Regulator 1500MJ/h at 70kPa 1/4 NPT in 1/2″ NPT out

REGO 1st Stage Regulator 1500MJ/h at 70kPa 1/4 NPT in 1/2″ NPT out



Rego First stage regulator 1500MJ/H, 1/4″ NPT in 1/2″ NPT out 70kpa (10PSI)


The REGO™ LV3403TR series 1st stage regulators are designed to reduce full bottle pressure to an intermediate pressure of 70kPa (10PSI).

This regulator is guaranteed to pass 1500MJ/h at 70kPa.

     Comes with:

  • REGO 1st stage regulator, guaranteed 1500MJ/h @ 70kPa  [LV3403TR]

     Sold Separately:

  • Pigtail adaptor [15774-1]
  • Mounting bracket [3403B]
  • Regulator mounting bolts [0902034]
  • Bracket mounting screws [2403SCW]
  • 2nd stage regulators [LV3403B4, LV4403B4, LV5503B4]
  • Thread adaptors NPT male to BSP female [BTA-1/2]

Ideal for commercial, industrial and domestic applications, this regulator is designed for two stage regulation systems, often implemented when cylinders are a long way from the appliance or buildings where appliances are installed.

These regulators are the first of a two stage system, they reduce full bottle pressure down to an intermediate pressure of 70kPa, suitable for 2nd stage regulators.

Set at 70kPa this regulator is designed for installations requiring less than 1500MJ/h.

Special Features:

This regulator has been tested for Australian conditions and has been rated to deliver a guaranteed 1500MJ/h at 70kpa (10PSI).

  • This regulator has 1/4″ NPT female inlet & 1/2”” NPT outlet thread size.
  • Compact design can be attached to cylinders either via an adaptor and pigtail or directly using a POL fitting [970S]
  • Non Adjustable
  • Design provides good flow regulation at both high and low container pressures.


  • It incorporates an integral relief valve for added system protection.
  • Vent outlet is tapped to ⅜” female NPT for vent piping.


  • Pre-tapped & plugged test point outlet 1/8” female NPT,
  • Plug can be removed with a 3/16” hex (Allen) wrench.



Images are representative of the type of regulator described and is not necessarily the actual part.

SKU: LV3403TR Category:
Weight0.6 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm
Maximum Flow Rate

1500 MJ/h

Outlet Thread

1/2" NPT

Inlet Thread

1/4" NPT


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