Sievert Promatic Soft Flame Burner Head 50 mm

Sievert Promatic Soft Flame Burner Head 50 mm. Connects to Sievert Promatic Handle with Piezo Ignition via push and twist connection.



Sievert Promatic Soft Flame Burner Head 50 mm diameter. Connects to the Sievert Promatic Torch Handle with Piezo Ignition (SV3366) (sold separately) via a simple push and twist connection.

Has a soft flame design that is excellent for cable work and other heat shrinking applications.


  • Working pressure: 200 kPa (29 psi or 2 bar)
  • Gas consumption: 98 MJ/h (2000 g/h) LPG
  • Burner head diameter: 50 mm
  • Soft flame burners with sweeping, powerful yellow and blue soot-free windproof flames
  • Allows fresh air to be sucked in, keeping the burner head colder, and reducing the risk of burning shrink material
  • Able to heat sleeves efficiently while remaining soft enough not to overheat the shrink material
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Weight 0.27 kg
Dimensions 30 × 16 × 5 cm



Seivert and Primus, hand held burners. Includes handle ignition systems.

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